Initially the membership fee was a guinea but, alas it now costs significantly more than that to run an organisation such as ours and that’s why we need your help. It’s still only £10 pa to become a Voyager but, all donations are warmly received and we need all the support that we can muster. It is therefore vital that we ‘grow’ our membership and drive donations to continue the great work of our predecessors, so please sign up and give generously!

We have made it easier to do this as follows:

· e-mail Vicky at with your name, address and phone number to say that you would like to join The Voyagers.

· Vicky will then e-mail you back with a Membership Number and the bank details for you to set up your Standing Order of £10 to be paid immediately (plus any donation you would like to make), and then £10 annually from 1st April the following year.

It’s as easy as that!

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